About Us

It is said, mostly by the Italians themselves, that there is no ’Italian’ cuisine, only Tuscan, Sicilian, or Napolitan cuisines. The Italian cuisine is very broad and diverse which is why, over 20 years ago, we decided to develop our own profile by opening up Budapest’s first Trattoria. In Trattoria Toscana we want to introduce you to our carefully selected and expansive food and wine selections for you to enjoy over many visits to our fine establishment.

The original Tuscan cuisine is focused on simplicity, which is one of the main reasons why we love it. Another reason is that it is created with very intensive use of top quality ingredients. We consider it highly important to use only the best quality products of the Italian suppliers so we can ensure constant high quality standards for our guests. We regularly visit our suppliers to monitor their quality standards and to check their  production processes.

Since our opening we have always valued the deep knowledge of Italian chefs, including them in our team to teach and supervise the work in our kitchen. They help us to maintain top quality while serving authentic Tuscan dishes.

The Tuscan cuisine is known for the wide range of fresh quality vegetables, but another very important ingredient is the beef. When it comes to the beef, there is no compromise. At Trattoria Toscana we prepare the giant Florentine (Fiorentina) steak from three kinds of high-quality beef from Tuscany: costata di vitello  (dairy calf),  Limousine T-Bone steak and Razza Chianina T-Bone steak. These meats arrive to Hungary fresh (never having been frozen). All the meats have certificates of origin (Certificazione di Italiano), a sample of which is attached to our menu so our guests can check the place of origin and feel confident of the quality.

Pizza is made in different ways in different parts of Italy. We follow the tradition of the Tuscan cuisine in this as well, making a delicious thin-crust pizza, crust from a mixture of two types of ’00’ top quality Italian flour (you can also order our crusts with whole wheat or spelt wheat flour as well). We use only wood-burning oven to bake our pizzas, and challenge you to find a better pizza in Budapest!

In Tuscany most good restaurants have its own enoteca (wine cellar and wine bar), which provides the wine for the restaurant. According to this we have also created a wine bar for Trattoria Toscana which we call L’enoteca. There we have more than 200 different kinds of wine,  a bottle or glass of wine, or have dinner at Trattoria Toscana. Internally we are  tasting wines continuously to always have the best selection on our wine list.

Opening Hours

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday: from 12:00 to 23:00, kitchen until 22:00.
Thursday, Friday, Saturday: from 12:00 to 0:00, kitchen until 23:00.


You are welcome in our authentic Tuscan restaurant with more than 100 courses and 200 wines in Budapest, at Belgrád rakpart 13.

We can accept your reservation request 24 hours before your arrival. For confirmation, please provide your phone number in each case.

Send us an e-mail, or use our online reservation form:

Home Delivery

Home delivery is possible through our partners Wolt and Foodpanda.

Should you have any question, please call us! +36 1 327 0045